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Understanding Committees (2014-2015)

System of University Service

The University has three distinct groups of University-wide committees which are filled through either appointment or election:

  • University Standing Committees
    These committees are established by University Senate legislation and whose charges have broad relevance to and impact upon the general university community. University-wide issues include but are not limited to general academic issues, curriculum, campus governance, student and faculty affairs, international programs, university awards, and issues affecting campus atmosphere and diversity. University Standing Committees report to the Senate and in some cases also report to the administration based on their enabling legislation. These committees can be either appointed or elected.
  • Administrative Advisory Groups
    These groups are formed by administrators to advise the administration about a particular area of concern. Their membership and charge are defined by the administration in consultation with the University Senate. They also have an obligation to raise matters of concern to the University Senate and to keep the Senate apprised of major decisions.
  • External Boards
    These boards are required by state or federal law or through the administrative rules of the state board to address issues of specific, non-academic concerns. Their membership and charge are defined by the administration in consultation with the University Senate. These boards report to the administration and will consult with the Senate on issues of campus-wide importance.

There is a fourth subgroup of committees:

  • Internal Senate Committees
    Internal Senate Committees consist of five committees charged with a variety of functions for the University Senate, including participation in: fiscal policy, advising the Senate President, making nominations, clarifying and/or proposing editorial changes to notice of motions, and oversight of the committee structure.

List of appointed committees
List of elected committees
List of internal Senate committees
Principles underlying university-wide committees, administrative advisory groups, and boards.
Senate Legislation establishing committee structure